Crypto & Risk Master Class

The Program

Enrich your knowledge with our exclusive Crypto & Risk Master Class across five essential modules. Dive into foundational crypto aspects, explore the ever-changing regulatory landscape, master building a Crypto & Risk Master Class, dissect risks in banking and fintech, and gain hands-on insights with real-life cases. Fortify your expertise in cryptocurrency compliance.

2hs every Wednesday Aug 14, 21, 28, Sept 4 & 11. Total program length 10hs.

Session 1:

Aug 14th, 2024 10am - 12pm(East Coast Time)

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology – Overview

  • Quick Overview of Cryptocurrency: Definitions, history, and the technology behind cryptocurrencies. Types: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Solana, and others.
  • Understanding Blockchain: How blockchain technology leverages advanced cryptographic techniques and its significance and role in cryptocurrencies.
  • Crypto Asset ownership: Hot and cold wallets and associated risks. Initial discussion on the benefits and potential risks associated with using and investing in cryptocurrencies.
  • Nature of Markets: Extreme volatility and financial losses in the cryptocurrency market.DEFI – Crypto and Digital Money.

Session 2:

Aug 21st, 2024 10am - 12pm(East Coast Time)

Crypto Risk Management for corporates and banks:

  • KYC in Crypto: Similarities and key differences with traditional KYC
  • Crypto Transaction Monitoring: How transactions are tracked and monitored for AML, KYC and risk. Travel rule considerations and emerging concerns around terrorist financing.
  • Crypto-specific tracking and analysis: Effective forensic analysis of blockchain transaction activity with the use of Blockchain Intelligence tools.
  • Cross Chain and Off Chain monitoring: Getting the full picture of customer risk. Cross chain investigation.
  • Crypto related Fraud: Wallet theft, Front running in crypto markets.

Session 3:

Aug 28, 2024 10am - 12pm(East Coast Time)

Implementing a Crypto & Risk Master Class:

  • Crypto & Risk Master Class Design: Governance and other critical factors to consider.
  • The 5 Pillars of an effective Program: Products, services, channels, geography, and customer risks.
  • The Crypto Risk Assessment Matrix: IMF proposal.
  • Mitigation Strategies: Latest techniques and best practices to reduce risks and ensure compliance with cryptocurrency regulations.

Session 4:

Sept 4th, 2024 10am - 12pm(East Coast Time)

Crypto Regulatory Landscape

  • Global cryptocurrency regulations: Current legislative efforts and global approaches (US, EU, Latam, Dubai).
  • Licensing and registration: Key issues and diverse approaches across the globe.
  • Crypto related tax issues: Crypto Asset Reporting Framework (CARF). What is it and what do you need to know. Taxation on gains.
  • Bitcoin as Legal Tender: Adoption of BTC as legal tender – The Salvadorean experience. Legality of BTC use around the globe. Restrictions and seizure laws. The UK experience.

Session 5:

Sept 11th, 2024 10am - 12pm(East Coast Time)

Advanced Cryptocurrency Topics and future trends

  • Forensic Analysis: Deep dive into emerging threats.
  • The misuse of Crypto: Weapons of mass destruction and terrorist financing.
  • VARA: How Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority is facilitating virtual asset innovation.
  • Labor Market Impact: Increasing job opportunities in the crypto world-Compliance, Cybersecurity, software engineering, legal, etc.


Delfina Chain

Founder & CEO at Chaindots | Automating Risk & Due Diligence Processes


Alfonso Martel

Head Of Compliance at Lemon Cash | Expert in regulations and criminal law, risk management, regulatory challenges, licensing processes, public affairs, AML & Fraud and criminal investigations | Fintech, Crypto & Web3.

Lemon Cash

Jacob C.

FinCrimes Compliance | Partnerships | Crypto | Strategy | Operations | Former U.S. Treasury and FinCEN official

TRM Labs

Manuel Bermejo Fletes

Head of Compliance - Regulatory | Internal Controls | Sisbajud/ CCS


Yana Afanasieva

Scaling compliance for FinTech & Crypto startups | Managing licensing, regulatory, geo-expansion projects | Founder of FinTech Startup Compliance Pro Certification | Worked for Lirium, Aza, PayPal, bitFlyer, Amazon.

Competitive Compliance GmbH

Juan Pablo Fridenberg

Doctor en Derecho - Public Affairs Director


Gabriel Caballero

Abogado concentrado en Derecho Corporativo y el Sector Financiero

Holland & Knight LLP

Stanley Foodman

Global Forensic CPA providing Complex Tax, Forensic Accounting and Financial Institution Compliance/Corporate Governance services

Foodman CPAs & Advisors

Denis Ariel Banchero

Secretario en Fiscalía de Ciberdelitos

U.S. Department of Justice

Sol Munoz

AML & Sanctions Sr. Director en Mercado Libre - Socia Fundadora de Areté - Excelencia en Compliance

Mercado Libre

Fabricio Lima

Financial Crime Risks Global Lead



Jairo Namur

Founder, Chief Commercial Officer at Intelligence for Action LLC

Roderick Schwarz

Global Forensic CPA providing Complex Tax, Forensic Accounting and Financial Institution Compliance/Corporate Governance services

Sandro García Rojas

Abogado, consultor internacional y profesor universitario


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